Samuel ISSAC

photographer /
writer /

Samuel Issac's work encapsulates the everyday moments of life around him.  Through the candid techniques of his photography and the rhythmic expressions of his poetic verse, Samuel's subjects range from nature to the urban landscape, interests he attributes to his upbringing in California and Washington D.C.


artist /
audiophile /

While experimenting with materials, textures, and sounds, Sigi's work in conceptual art, sound, and performance is both curious and thought provoking. Her creations are inspired by her life's journey, taking on the shapes, forms, sights, and sounds of the past while forming a piece that speaks its own language.


writer /
collection caretaker /

JoJo’s work in archives, libraries, and special collections inspire her to creatively explore human memory, its production, and the notion of truth. From poetry and prose to curation, JoJo’s work encompasses her deep connection to the past and its ever-changing relationship to the present.


choreographer /
photographer /

Laura incorporates chance operations into her artistic process. As a photographer, she travels internationally and domestically to capture happenstance happenings, utilizing double exposures based off happy accidents and incidental parings. Laura’s photos are taken with her mother's college camera, a Canon AE-1.


graphic designer / 
art director /
photographer /

Ty works closely with cultural, educational, and non-profit institutions nationwide. His distinctive, conceptual approach to design and typography is inspired by the transformation of thought into physical shape, and is influenced by elements of modernism, geometry, architecture, interior design, fine art, photography, music, fashion, and nature.

Gregory Moore


painter /
graphic designer /
podcaster /
Gregory’s art making process consists of finding discarded objects to use as foundations for paintings, which investigate the narratives that go on outside of our daily awareness. By collecting what might otherwise be considered waste, his art interlaces scraps of memory with debris, seeking to honor found objects with thoughtfully painted overlays.


photographer /
fashion blogger /
graphic designer /

Nella's connection to design is heavily influenced by the rich history of her heritage, her past lives in other cities, and the vibrant community of San Francisco.

Colin Wang

product designer /
mechanical engineer /
With an aim to explore the connection products form between designer and user, Colin strives to eliminate the oversight of day-to-day life with an open mind and mindful living.


writer /
filmmaker /
visual artist / 

Travis’ fiction and artwork incorporate well-observed moments of real life, as well as large smatterings of pure imagination.