Pronunciation: \ə-ˈvər\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): averred; aver·ring
Etymology: Middle English averren, from Anglo-French averer, from Medieval Latin adverare to confirm as authentic, from Latin ad- + verustrue
Date: 15th century
1) to verify or prove to be true in pleading a cause
2) to allege or assert in pleading
3) to declare positively

Well hello, welcome to this little ol' blog. Through fate and the mysterious workings of the internet you have stumbled upon/sought out/been steered towards Aver, a collective of San Francisco based artists/designers/makers and do-ers.  

But enough with the forward slashes and the back slashes, let's explain Aver a little further... 

Unless you have the vocabulary of Nabokov you might not know exactly what "aver" means, which is not to say you aren't smart (we would never say that, especially not on the internet), it's just an old word that doesn't often get tossed around like a punk in a mosh pit. However, aver is no tired out, used up buzzword like "green" or "sustainability." Aver is a robust verb, an assertion, a declaration from mountaintops that echoes for eons, and we aim to replicate such assured confidence in our work as a collective. 

Of course it's not enough for us to just sling fancy words around on websites, make a regularly released zine featuring our individual works, put on kick ass gallery shows, and still go to our three minimum wage jobs we need to continue living in this gorgeous city. We also wish to enrich our community by offering workshops lead by each member of our assembled creative types. So if you're inclined to come to a class on wood working, or archiving, or just want to enjoy mucking around doing crafty stuff, then our figurative door is open to you. So contact us, send us love notes, look at our website from time to time, we've some grandiose plans in store and you are 100% invited. 

— Laura Cohen