It started through word of mouth. Someone had an idea and put it out in the world. We all get ideas but we don’t all follow through. But this would be different; we would create a partnership, a forum to share and evolve our work, our talents. We would create a place for artistic vision. We would create Aver.

Just an idea. And it spoke to each of us. At this time, in autumn of 2013, we shared the commonality of employment at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Yet most of us had never met. Colin approached me. Well, he says, any interest in joining a design collective? His vision struck a chord.

I found myself at Nella's house, and I met Travis and Ty. It was one of the first collective meetings. Beer in hand, chips and salsa, I took half-assed notes in an attempt to document our first major project as a collective. We didn't have a name, we didn't have a website or a clear identity, but we had a direction. Our first publication was proclaimed. This would become Aver's first words.

With Laura and Davy, we totaled seven members. Our mutual vision emerged and our momentum grew. Over the next nine months, we met regularly and put in the groundwork for the collective. The name Aver was chosen, a website was built, and a mission formed. Now, all those meetings and months later, we are ready to make our debut.

Aver’s official launch and the release of our inaugural publication will be July 26th at J. Rusten Furniture Studio in San Francisco. Publication copies on-hand, each member will show their work in one form or another and delight in the festivities of achievement. With this milestone approaching and our movement into the next phase of the Aver, we wish to take what we’ve built, expand membership, and move our mutual quest for personal discovery and outward connection to new heights. Join us.

— JoJo Black